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October06/ 2019

The latest impeachment scam is Exhibit A in why government jobs should have term limits linked to the change of executive officers. In other words, an incoming president should have the right to hire or fire government officials so he can assemble an administration that will help him carry out the promises he made.

Not since the election of 1860 has there been such open rebellion against the public order by the criminals who call themselves public officials and civil servants.

Courtesy of Dixon Diaz


Public officials scam in private. Civil servants all too often act like uncivil masters.


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Scumbags on Parade

September15/ 2019

The many failures of our society are linked to the truth that only the evil people are playing for keeps.

Very few people not named Donald Trump on the side of good play for keeps.

He can’t get more done because most GOPers are cowards and/or globalist traitors.

There are too many people who appear to be products of incest and/or boarding school abuse and/or polygamy like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and the Bushes in the GOP.

The Democrats are united as globalist traitors. They have always united, whether the bad cause they rally around is slavery, killing the American Indians, segregation, embracing Communism, making America’s blue-collar people jobless due to sending factories to China and importing illegal laborers and Asian techies, abortion, or militant homosexuality, lesbianism, and sexual confusion.

Part of this is our fault. We don’t do more to kill the political careers of the vermin in office.

We need term limits for all politicians, including judges. There are so many infesting federal, state, and local courts who ought to be living in rubber rooms wearing adult diapers.

Over the summer, you may have missed some stories that illustrate the ongoing cultural defecation of our police, our bureaucrats, entertainment figures, the clergy, and the schools. Here’s a sampler of the scumbags on parade that shows you why you need to be informed and why you need to be active in your church, your school district, your community, your nation. And you need to be kings and queens of your families when it comes to banning the jokers, the jesters, the jagoffs, and low knaves of the entertainment industry from your realms.

Let’s start with the cops and robbers, errr, bureaucrats.

From the Arizona Republic 7/20/2019, this:

Typical Arizona Politician. Courtesy of Warner Brothers.


“A disabled veteran whose Arizona mobile home was seized and sold over a few hundred dollars in back taxes will keep his home.

Maricopa County officials brokered a deal Friday that will allow Jim Boerner to stay in his home.

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You Are Neither Hot Nor Cold …

September11/ 2019

Today is 9-11 again. Thanks to RINOs and Democrats, our borders and ports of entry are nowhere near as secure as they need to be.

And thanks to Ilhan Omar, who said of her murderous Moslem friends, “Some people did something.”

Some people did something, all right. Your brother who you married, your husband, and a Democrat operative reportedly did you, Ilhan. You’re community property.

“We the People” should be on the Declaration of Independence, Ms. Omar, not on your children’s birth certificates on the line marked “Father.”

Pa 911

Humble 9-11 Flight 93 remembrance, near Shanksville, PA. Lest we forget. Photo by author. 

It’s easy to write a column about how hateful and dishonest most politicians are and how worthless all too many government employees are.

Why? Because it’s true and there’s a ton of material.

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They Hate You!

September02/ 2019

People at the top have had it their way so long they’ve forgotten how to lie and scheme properly and cover their tracks.

The Deep State, the Swamp, the Democrats, and the anti-Trump Republicans are not hiding their tracks at all.

Instead they are like cattle, mooing and crapping so everyone knows where they are and where they have been.

The Russia hoax didn’t work.

And when the Dems summoned Special Counsel and ex-FBI chief Robert Mueller, he acted so befuddled he looked and sounded like Joe Biden.

There was no truth to any of the Mueller Nazis’ accusations against President Trump.

The Deep State, the Swamp, the Democrats, and the anti-Trump Republicans switched directions.

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Saint Nicholas, Mother Cabrini, and Western Civilization

August25/ 2019

I was standing in line at a post office yesterday, waiting to buy money orders to mail to various police departments to pay for police records. That’s part of my work.

Ahead of me is a dark complexioned young guy, and behind me is a middle age woman whose husband has just brought her a wheelchair so she could sit. Like many people with ailments, she started telling us her problems. When you are working thru your illness or injury, it becomes your life. Most people don’t want to hear about it, but the young guy and I listened to her.

We both told her we would pray for her recovery. Then I asked the guy where he was from, because he sounded like a Euro. He said, “I’m an Italian — and a proud American citizen!”

I asked the guy what brought him to the States.

“Love for an American woman,” he said.

“Women are the ultimate travel magnets,” I agreed cheerfully.

“So, where in Italy are you from?” I asked.

“Puglia County!” he said.

For those of you playing at home, imagine Italy on the map as a thigh boot that the woman has folded the top down to make a cuff. Puglia is her spike heel.

I said, “St . Nicholas was in Bari (a nearby town).”

He looked puzzled.

Then I said, “Uh, Santo Niccolo” in my best broken Italian pronunciation.

“Yes! San Nicola! I’ve been to his church!” the guy said.

Basilica San Nicola, Bari, Italy


Whether the PC crowd likes it or not, we share Western civilization and culture, which is based upon Christianity and Judaism, with Europe. And our languages, with a little tweaking, become understandable to each other.

If I was talking with Teutonic or Slavic Europeans, they would understand Klaus or Vaclav as the Saint’s name.

For we are talking about Saint Nicholas, aka Santa Claus.

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August12/ 2019

No one with an IQ above that of a turnip believes wealthy girl slaver Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in a New York prison.

Epstein, who let politicians and other powerful people rape girls (females below the age of 18, some as young as 13), got mugged in the prison in July. So the feds who ran the prison allegedly put him on a suicide watch. And yet there were no guards and no footage when Epstein allegedly died by his own hand in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

It’s a theme I hit on recently. The Deep State blames murders on government employee incompetence.

Why was there no watch on Epstein? No guard or camera?

Bureau of Prisons incompetence?

Or bribes or orders?

Jeffrey Epstein. Another one bites the dust.


There are a lot of morons and corrupt people who are employees in prison systems. Recently it came out four female guards at a Baltimore jail bore the children of its most notorious inmate. I know a woman, large and butt-ugly, who volunteered for nurse duty at the local state pen so she could get to know inmates a little more personally. Guy guards can be bribed. John Dillinger’s lawyer paid off a guard to smuggle in a fake gun to the king of the bank robbers, which he used to bluff his way out of Crown Point, Indiana jail.

Prison guards, as government employees, also obey orders, even if they are crooked. Since the federal workforce is loaded with Trump-hating corruptocrats, why shouldn’t the Bureau of Prisons have its share of these vermin?

Friday, some of the information in Epstein’s Florida sex abuse case became public.

One of the teenage sex victims noted former Maine senator and Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell and former New Mexico governor and cabinet member Bill Richardson, both high-ranking Democrats in the Clinton years, raped her with Epstein’s okay.

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Profiling Mass Shooters; Illegals Invade; Government Pukes Prove Why We Need Our Guns

August04/ 2019

Saturday, as hundreds of people were shopping at a Wal-Mart in El Paso, Texas, someone came into the store and started shooting at them.

Some dweeby looking rich kid now sits in jail, accused of murdering 20 or more innocent people and wounding maybe 30 more. Most of the victims were Latinos. None of them deserved this.

The dweeb is the gun grabbers’ latest poster child. Why? Because he supposedly posted an attack against illegals on social media. Leftist politicians, leftist media types, and other leftists are circling like vultures, feeding on the corpses of the dead and vomiting up their twisted takes.

Gun Grabber Meme courtesy of Aww Memes


Some said he was a registered Republican. Others said he was a registered Democrat. I looked up the suspect’s voting record in Collin County, Texas … his party registration is not on the public record. Democrat and Republican operatives can pay for the voter rolls in that county and get his party registration.

Meanwhile, some guy shot his own sister and her guy and several other people to death in the upscale bar district of Dayton, Ohio, in the wee hours of Sunday morning. None of them deserved this.

[Update: The sister’s buddy is still alive. Sadly, six innocent blacks, two innocent whites, and his own litle sister lie dead. Fortunately, police shot the shooter dead.

It turns out the shooter was a leftist Trump-hater. a Lieawatha fan, and a scumbag who drew a suspension in high school for posting a list of people he wanted to kill and a list of girls at the school he wanted to rape. Besides being a murderer of blacks.

From Heavy.com, 8/5/2019, this:

“On social media, the suspect’s biography started to emerge. On his Twitter page, reviewed by Heavy, he described himself as “he/him / anime fan / metalhead / leftist / i’m going to hell and i’m not coming back.” He wrote on Twitter that he would happily vote for Democrat Elizabeth Warren, praised Satan, was upset about the 2016 presidential election results, and added, “I want socialism, and i’ll not wait for the idiots to finally come round to understanding.” The Greene County Board of Elections lists his party as “Dem.”

Here’s his tweet on Donald Trump’s election victory:”This is bad.”

Heavy.com reported the shooter attacked Trump for allegedly wanting to shoot immigrants at the border, and he blamed a Republican senator for “looking the other way” after the Broward County, Florida school shooting.

Heavy.com and other media sources reported kids who went to school with Connor Betts, the shooter, said he got off on scaring girls. They said he stalked girls, bullied girls, and trapped one in a car till she started crying, They said they reported his evil behavior to school officials, but they did nothing. Eventually they said he drew a suspension for his “kill list” and his “rape list,” and came back to school.

Connor was not a loner in high school. He was an athlete and a lead in a school play. Despite being a leftist, he was also in the JROTC. Probably he wanted access to firearms.

Ironically, Heavy.com reported, Betts’ father Steve, a government contractor, was also a critic of guns after the Newtown, CT school shooting, and posted anti-Trump opinions. So did his mom Moira.

Since Connor Betts was allegedly a Trump-hating leftist, his evil crimes will not have the value for the virtue vomiting vultures that the El Paso murders will. But the victims are just as dead and all those victims’ friends and loved ones are grieving. For every heart a murderer stops, he breaks many others in the process.

A learning point: A weapon can only shoot in one direction at a time. If a shooter is near you and you can mess up his aim by grabbing the barrel of his weapon, do so. A bar patron grabbed Bett’s rifle barrel, and this enabled Dayton police to shoot him because he couldn’t return fire.

James Shaw Jr. Hero. And a Good Samaritan too.


James Shaw Jr., a young black man, did something similar to stop the shooting rampage of a scumbag who opened fire in a Waffle House eatery in the Nashville area in 2018. The killer, Travis Reinking, white, was wearing only a coat; he fled naked after Shaw stopped him and disarmed him.  (Reinking killed four people, all who were black or Hispanic.)

Shaw raised $240,000 for families of the victims.What a gracious hero! You don’t hear about him because he stopped crime instead of resigning himself to be a victim.

Also, Reinking’s pissant father illegally gave him the murder weapon even though his inbred little bastard was supposedly a schizo.

You don’t hear about Travis Reinking because he is apparently transgendered. In June 2017 he jumped into a public pool in his hometown in Illinois wearning a woman’s pink housecoat. He then flashed his genitals at others.

You don’t hear about Travis Reinking because he is a Trump hater who made threats against  the President outside the White House. The leftist media and neverTrump officials are OK with this.

Travis Reinking drove to DC in July 2017, walked up to an entrance to the White House grounds, demanded to see President Trump, made threats against President Trump, claimed he had the right to inspect the White House, and walked past security barriers into the White House grounds. Secret Service agents arrested Reinking, but released him soon afterward. He didn’t have to do any jail time. Illinois authorities took his guns from him and gave them to his father with the warning not to return them to his fruitbag son. Father Knows Worst ignored them. One of the guns would be the Waffle House murder weapon.

You read that correctly. No jail time for threatening the President  at the White House. Now you see why President Trump holds so many events at his private clubs with his own security at the ready. Too many Secret Service agents are part of the “Resistance” to our duly elected president, who is the enemy of the Deep State.

The inbred father has been arrested also. Both need a date with the needle.

Source: Heavy.com 44/22/2018


President Trump has promised some action against mass shooters. A law separating the mentally ill from firearms and indulgent families who enable their crazies to hurt others is in order. Democrats will support such a law, and will target everyone who doesn’t agree with them to be mentally ill. This is why such a law will need safeguards against government abuse. Likewise, such a law needs penalties for people who cover for the mentally ill to allow them to have firearms. Family members whine about what they tried to do, but their crazies still got loose and killed. 

The Democrats will cry like the Trojan women when their own criminals and crazies, especially those with Antifa or jihadist ties, are separated from their firearms. For example, James Hodgkinson, the GOP baseball shooter, was an abusive foster parent and a Bernie Sanders supporter. His pig wife knew about his issues and kept quiet. She also helped him abuse at least one girl they kept.]

I served two stints at Fort Bliss outside of El Paso when I was a young Army officer. I loved that town and had many a good time there. And 99 and I live not too far from Dayton, in the center of the Ohio Valley. I did some of my forensic science training at the University of Dayton, a Catholic school, and later I was a self-employed contractor on a government aviation project that the school spearheaded. I have ties and sympathies to both towns.

The Dayton massacre, which happened in the wee hours of this morning, ended when police shot the shooter to death. The shooter is about to embark on a very painful Eternity.

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Why Child Molesters Get Government Help; Kamala the Kept

July30/ 2019

Jeffrey Epstein, the child predator and sex trafficker, survived an apparent Arkancide in prison the other day.

It is being reported that the feds didn’t do much to Epstein in 2008 because he supposedly was a federal asset.

In other words, he could offer girls to whoever the Deep State wanted blackmailed and thought would be likely would abuse them. Then, with all the cameras in Epstein’s residences took pictures of the sex crimes, they’d have the marks wherever they wanted them.

If this is true, then the Deep State let Epstein serially abuse girls and they essentially serially abused girls also for their own satanic ends.

Jeffrey Epstein. Child molester and friend of the Deep State. Courtesy WABC.


The Clintons are deeply entangled with Epstein. So are a goodly number of the rich and powerful.

Meanwhile, a lawyer for some of the girls Epstein and his pals raped says Donald Trump helped him in his quest to get them some civil damages. Trump also banned Epstein from his Mar-a-Lago resort when he found out Epstein tried to pick up the underage daughter of one of Trump’s employees.

Epstein may not live to testify. He knows too many elitists’ secrets. 

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Some Masks Are Off. Others Must Be Pulled Off.

July20/ 2019

President Trump is an ongoing American civics lesson.

He is also the bull in the ring.

He is getting attacked by all Democrats and most Republicans.

These people of course are professional parasites, and Trump is proposing to stop them from feeding on the American people.

(I would like to use a stronger term ending in “sucker” for Mr. Trump’s enemies, but realize the column has to has some decorum.)

Members of the House of Representatives, including all but about 60 Republicans out of the 435 members, voted overwhelmingly to expand the capability of low-paid, low-quality techies from India and China to steal STEM jobs from our young people.

Is Kamala Harris (D-Calcutta Me In) showing the size of the moneybag she got from the Motherland?


Members of Congress love the money of the robber barons of Silicon Valley and the Emerald City more than they care about the future of our young people. Why go to college and study these difficult subjects and incur debt when the robber barons and your members of Congress are going to sell you out to India and China and the greedy shits who control the tech industries?

This was the bill I wrote about that Kamala Harris (D-India) is pushing. She calls it the “Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act (H.R. 1044, S. 386).” Americans are calling it the “Turn Your STEM Diploma into Toilet Paper Act.” We need Fairness for American Working People legislation.




It will come for a vote in the Senate soon. You need to call your Senators at (202) 224-3121 and let them know you don’t want them selling out Americans to the chiselers who run STEM businesses. Tell them to vote no on Senate Bill S. 386.

Flood the White House comment line also. Let President Trump know you support him protecting American jobs and he needs to veto this toxic legislation if it passes in the Senate. The number is (202) 456-1111. President Trump also encourages e-mails. To do so, use this link


and follow the instruction for e-mailing.

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Crazed American Soccer Dyke Advocates Raping Girls and Women

July13/ 2019

While Megan Rapinoe was making headlines for saying “F Trump,” one of her kickball teammates did something much worse.

She said she wanted to rape girls and women.

Per Breitbart, 7/11/2019, this:

“In one short segment, (backup goalkeeper and lesbian militant Ashlyn) Harris yells, “Hide your kids, hide your wife, and lock your f***in’ doors because we got the key to the motherf***in’ city, and I’m comin’ for all y’all bitches.”

I went on the Net and found footage of Ashlyn saying the above, so it’s not fake news.

So it could well be one of Ashlyn’s fantasies.

Was she drunk? High? Or rocking a remote control sex toy getting her freak on when she said this?

What does it matter?

Evil bitch Ashlyn has a fiancee. Fellow US Women’s Soccer player Ali Kreiger. Ali, the brunette, wears the dress. Ashlyn, the blonde, wears the coat and tie.

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