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Pentecost, D-Day, Rome, and the Deep State vs. Amelia Earhart

June10/ 2019

Once again, sorry for my extended absence. Another investigation is smashing my schedule.

Now for some thoughts this Pentecost Sunday.

Luke the Evangelist in my opinion is the greatest author of all time. He labored with ink and a stylus on parchment two millennia ago. The two works he is known for, The Gospel of Luke, and the Book of Acts, stand the test of time for all time. He ends his Gospel and starts the Book with the Ascension of Our Lord, then covers the Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles. He was a meticulous fact checker who wrote in easy-to-understand prose. Luke captures the Nativity of Christ, and the essence of the down-to-earth kindness of Jesus Christ, as well as His majesty. He is a readable and enjoyable historian and preacher.

Last week was a week of awe-inspiring history. Donald and Melania Trump were in England and France, commemorating the 75th anniversary of the D-Day liberation of Europe. The Trumps, as always, represented the United States well.

Lost in the commemoration was the fact that June 4 was the 75th anniversary of the U.S. Army’s liberation of Rome. General Mark Clark (whose mother’s people were Romanian Jews) and American soldiers who had battled up the Italian boot entered the city.

Personal note: When I was a platoon leader in the 101st Division, our battalion commander had a retired officer from the division speak to us young officers how he and other 101st men parachuted into Normandy the night before the landings. The 101st also was surrounded at Bastogne, Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge, and our predecessors held out until “Old Blood and Guts” General George Patton pushed a massive counterattack that relieved them and smashed the Nazis’ large scale offensive capability in Western Europe once and for all. That was an “old soldier’s talk” I will never forget. This was a man who made history with his valor and leadership in combat.

Also, June 1944 is the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Saipan. Our men hit the beach June 15, and by July 9 killed all but 700 or so of the 29,000 Japs on the island, one of the Marianas Islands east of The Philippines and south of Japan. The 700 surrendered. The Jap commanders committed hara-kiri. A few other Japs hid out in the jungle and surrendered after Japan surrendered in 1945. We lost 3000 killed and about 10,500 wounded.

You will not hear much about Saipan. Americans would capture nearby Tinian and liberate Guam, also in the Marianas chain, in July and August 1944. Our taking of these islands was important in that we built air bases on these islands to allow the long-range B-29 Superfortress bombers to fly from them to smoke Japan. Their capture also set up the liberation of The Philippines.

Marines who were veterans of the Saipan battle take five.


Nor will you hear from the mainstream media that GI s found aviatrix Amelia Earhart’s plane and a satchel full of Amelia Earhart’s personal effects on Saipan.

On July 6. 1944, several Americans found Amelia’s Electra inside a hangar on the overrun Jap airstrip.

Marine Private Robert Wallack found Amelia’s satchel in a Jap building on Saipan. He said a demo man blew open the safe, and there it was. He said he wanted to keep the satchel as a souvenir, but his buddies convinced him to turn it over to military authorities. They gave him a receipt, and he never heard about the satchel or its contents again.

Two photos of Amelia Earhart — Dressed for serious business either way.


Americans burned Amelia’s plane and the chain of command kept and/or destroyed Amelia’s satchel and personal effects. This was an FDR Deep State coverup.

FDR wanted to put Amelia to use as a spy …. the Japs controlled most of the Marianas Islands (except for Guam) and the Caroline Islands and the Marshall Islands after they seized them from the Germans during World War One. They were busy militarizing the islands, and they were off limits to non-Japanese foreigners. Someone convinced Amelia to announce she was flying to Howland Island from New Guinea, when in fact she intended to fly over the Jap-controlled islands to the northwest.

Note the island marked “Agana” is Guam. Japan is north of Guam, Saipan, and Tinian.


Amelia’s plane went down in the Marshall Islands in July 1937, and Japs captured her and her navigator Fred Noonan. The Japs shot or beheaded Noonan in 1937. They shot or beheaded Amelia in 1944, or she died of an ailment, not long before the battle for Saipan. FDR, for obvious reasons, could not admit they were on a spy mission. Hence the story that they got lost in the vast Pacific.

Fred Goerner interviewed the soldiers and Marines, and interviewed top military figures. The higher ranking guys were in CYA mode, but more or less admitted it was true that Amelia met her death on Saipan. His 1966 book “The Search for Amelia Earhart,” which I own, is an investigatory classic.

So is “Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last,” by Mike Campbell.



Now, onto a type of detective work most of this audience could do if they put their minds to it. But an intrepid “Marian the Librarian” actually did so.

David Aaro, on assignment for Fox News, gave us this 6/9/2019:

“A research librarian who conducted some detective work outside of her day job has helped to uncover the identities of three missing persons killed in New Hampshire during the notorious “Bear Brook murders.”

Rebekah Heath made the discovery last October after being transfixed on the murders committed by Terrance “Terry” Rasmussen, who killed three children and one mother and placed them in barrels between 1985 and 2000 at Bear Brook State Park.

The real life Nancy Drew helped authorities determine the identities of the three victims as 24-year-old Marlyse Elizabeth Honeychurch, AKA Marlyse McWaters, as well as her daughters 6-year-old Marie Elizabeth Vaughn and 1-year-old Sarah Lynn McWaters, according to 9news.

“I still can’t believe it,” Heath said about the case on Friday.

Detectives say the breakthrough was a result of DNA testing, genealogy research, information from relatives and the research from Heath.

The cold case hadn’t broke any new ground since Rasmussen died of natural causes in 2010.

To solve the case, Heath first started searching message boards for keywords like “California” and “missing sister” where she started making a list of possible victims.

Rebekah Heath. Photo from news sources.


“I would just go through that list and then I would start searching to see if they had public records, if the person was alive, see if I could find any record for their existence,” Heath said. “If not, then I would pursue it a little further and reach out to the person who had originally posted looking for the loved ones.”

After conducting more research, she noticed a relative looking for Sarah McWaters and her mother Marylse McWaters; the latter, she discovered, was the mother of the third victim, Marie Vaughn.

She followed up on leads regarding the trio, but dropped her search when she didn’t get much of a response in the Bear Brook murders Facebook group.

That changed a year later, when she was reminded about the relative looking for Sarah McWaters after listening to a New Hampshire Public Radio podcast about the murders.

“At that point I was like, I need to reach out to this woman,” Heath said.

She eventually found the woman, who said that Marylse McWaters had married a man with the last name Rasmussen.

“Right there, my stomach jumped,” Heath said. “It just rocked. I knew right away. There’s no way that a woman goes missing with those children with a guy with that last name, Rasmussen. It’s just way too coincidental.”

She didn’t mention anything to the relative, but within hours she contacted police in San Bernardino, Calif., who were already looking through DNA material from the family of Marie Vaughn.

From that information and the help of a genetic genealogist, Barbara Rae Venter, detectives were able to confirm the identities of the victims, said Attorney General Jeffrey Strelzin.

“Her work and our work converged, and it turns out that she was correct,” Strelzin told CNN. “She did some great work on the case and some great sleuthing.”

This is an excellent example of a woman with a good mind using publicly available research tools and her own curiosity and logic to follow where the evidence led. You in my audience have this type of creativity and ability within you, if you are willing to invest the effort.

The only surprise of the story is the New Hampshire Attorney General gave her any credit. Usually prosecutors demean the independent work of people in the public and suck all the credit for themselves. Then, bear in mind the average government prosecutor is not a good enough lawyer to be in private practice.



Prosecutors and other lawyers abuse power routinely.


Perhaps many of them are not only greedy, but inadequate people.

In your average law school, among the students are very few jocks or military people.

Many lawyers are like the defense attorney who told me he was a little guy who got picked on in high school. He said he figured becoming a lawyer and manipulating the law would make him big.

Lawyers at best are insurance against the government or some other lawyer taking away your money, your liberty, your weapons, your children, your spouse, or your life, or all of the above. They are important in this regard and can do good.

Objectively, lawyers don’t create wealth. At best, they try to keep you from losing life, property, or freedom.

Many lawyers make money out of lawfare, the manipulation of the court system to get a license to steal.

We have dissected the ACLU’s atheist racket and have exposed the ACLU’s sex offender racket.

Environmentalists are in a similar racket. These lawyers for tree huggers will sue the feds on some ridiculous grounds, and then settle when feds turn over practical regulatory authority to the tree huggers and these avaricious lawyers. The lawyers for the tree huggers (many of whom seem not to be able to get human affection) then get some outrageous demands integrated into environmental regulatory practices.

Guess who pays for this?

Fishermen, loggers, hunters, dam builders, and the taxpaying public ….. who pays the greedy lawyers’ exorbitant legal fees.

President Trump has ended this “sue and settle” nonsense. The Environmental Protection Agency no longer is a party to blackmail, robbery, and usurpation of power by the tree huggers’ lawyers. These trough pig lawyers squealed so loud you’d ‘a’ thought self-professed pig castration expert Joni Ernst (RINO, IOWA) had bit them or clipped them in their tender parts.

Joni Ernst


Too many lawyers, especially those of leftist bent, are like parasites who attack hosts. In American society, the hosts are small towns whose politicians follow the will of the people, industries, and taxpayers in general.

Lawyers and prosecutors who disagree with President Trump’s use of his authority to carry out his promises to the American people sue him in court, and leftist judges will help them bog down the President and wrongfully let various types of criminals from illegals to jihadists to sex offenders escape punishment. These vermin are thwarting the expressed will of the American people.

Prosecutors routinely abuse prosecutory authority so they can drain innocent people of their money, so they eventually have to plead guilty to something.

This is totalitarianism in action.

One such example of prosecutor corruption saw the light of day recently. Per Fox News 6/3/2019, this:

“The military prosecutor of a decorated Navy SEAL accused of murdering a wounded teenage ISIS prisoner in Iraq was booted from the case by a military judge Monday over unsanctioned tracking of the defense team’s emails.

Capt. Aaron Rugh ordered Cmdr. Christopher Czaplak removed from the case after lawyers for Special Operations Chief Edward “Eddie” Gallagher accused prosecutors of attaching tracking software to emails sent to them and a Navy Times journalist in a bid to find the source of leaks to the media. In his ruling, Rugh said it was not in his power to determine prosecutorial misconduct, but there was the possibility of a conflict of interest that required Czaplak to be removed.

It was not immediately clear how Rugh’s decision would affect Gallagher’s trial, which is scheduled to begin June 10. The judge has not ruled on whether to dismiss charges of murder and attempted murder against Gallagher.

Navy spokesman Brian O’Rourke told The Associated Press that Czaplak would be replaced with another attorney.

“Chief Petty Officer Gallagher is entitled to a fair trial and the Navy is committed to upholding that principle,” O’Rourke said. The defense team has said that even if a new prosecutor is named, Gallagher can’t get a fair trial.

It is extremely unusual for a military judge to remove the prosecution or dismiss a case only days before the start of a trial. Rugh ordered Gallagher released from custody last week after the email tracking came to light.

At a hearing on the matter Friday, prosecutor Lt. Scott McDonald claimed the tracking effort was to collect data such as IP addresses, which have no expectation of privacy, and was not meant to snoop on the content of the emails.

“We’re talking about raw data,” said McDonald, who argued that “even if there was some intrusion” in violation of attorney-client privilege, it didn’t rise to the level necessary to dismiss the case.

But, Rugh chided Navy investigators who refused to testify Friday about who authorized the tracking scheme, saying the “lack of candor or cooperation in this process, I think, could be huge as a sign of culpability.” The defense discovered the tracking code hidden in a suspicious logo of an American flag with a bald eagle perched on the scales of justice beneath Czaplak’s signature.

Rugh indicated Friday he was misled about the tracking effort. He said investigators told him privately they planned to embed code in what he believed to be a court document to help them find the source of leaks but the judge said he didn’t have the power to authorize such a tactic and wasn’t told they planned to target emails sent to the defense lawyers or a journalist.

Gallagher is accused of stabbing to death a 15-year old ISIS fighter in Iraq in 2017, shooting two civilians in the same year and opening fire on crowds, all charges to which he has pleaded not guilty.

His platoon supervisor, Lt. Jacob Portier, has been fighting charges of conduct unbecoming an officer for allegedly conducting Gallagher’s re-enlistment ceremony next to the militant’s corpse.

The case has drawn the attention of President Trump, who reportedly has considered pardoning Gallagher along with other U.S. troops accused or convicted of war crimes.”

Multiple sources tell me Gallagher is innocent, and that the charges against him are false. If prosecutors can lock up defendants illicitly, and spy on them, and then lie to judges and refuse to testify about their lawbreaking without going to prison themselves, then prosecutor abuses will continue. They are, after all, slimy lawyers. And REMFs.

Rip the Navy insignia off these Navy Jag-off shysters like “Branded” and face-brand them with the swastika so people can hate them and abuse them like they deserve.

Likewise for other police agents and prosecutors who abuse their authorities.

Most police are good people. But some cops are punks with badges who relish abusing their authority to push people around.

Roughly 30 federales showed up to arrest Roger Stone, a political activist. Far more agents arrested Roger Stone, an elderly gadfly, than what they sent (ZERO FEDS) to protect people from the Florida high school shooter, various Moslem shooters like the one at the homosexual nightclub in Florida and the two at the San Bernardino civil servants’ party, the punk who murdered black churchgoers in South Carolina, and the Mideast animals who plotted and pulled off 9/11. The FBI and other federales knew about all of these criminals before they committed their murders and did nothing, which led to the murders of thousands. Maybe the FBI agents and other federales were afraid of bad guys with guns.

And when are the Famous But Incompetent going to tell us the truth about the shooters (multiple) who killed dozens of country music fans in Vegas, and then used Ellen DeGenerate (who looks like Ryan Seacrest’s older brother) to help them lie about it?

The feds appear to have problems stopping real criminals. And with their entanglement in the bogus exoneration of career white-collar criminal and traitor Hillary Clinton, and their deep complicity in an illegal putsch against President Trump for their own personal gains, many top federal agencies, led by the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA, need dismantlement because they are full of New Copperheads. Our nation’s people deserve better.

The Reagans at Normandy, 1984. The Deep State conspired against him too.


Here are some remarks on this issue by Attorney General William Barr, in an interview with Jan Crawford of CBS This Morning. CBS released the transcript 5/31/2019, and the parts I quote follow:

“JAN CRAWFORD: You’re saying that spying occurred. There’s not anything necessarily wrong with that.


JAN CRAWFORD: As long as there’s a reason for it.

WILLIAM BARR: Whether it’s adequately predicated. And look, I think if we — we are worried about foreign influence in the campaign? We should be because the heart of our system is the peaceful transfer of power through elections and what gives the government legitimacy is that process. And if foreign elements can come in and affect it, that’s bad for the republic. But by the same token, it’s just as, it’s just as dangerous to the continuation of self-government and our republican system, republic that we not allow government power, law enforcement or intelligence power, to play a role in politics, to intrude into politics, and affect elections.

JAN CRAWFORD: So it’s just as dangerous- So when we talk about foreign interference versus say a government abuse of power, which is more troubling?

WILLIAM BARR: Well they’re both, they’re both troubling.



JAN CRAWFORD: And you are concerned that that may have happened in 2016?

WILLIAM BARR: Well, I just think it has to be carefully looked at because the use of foreign intelligence capabilities and counterintelligence capabilities against an American political campaign to me is unprecedented and it’s a serious red line that’s been crossed.”

I’m still wary of Barr for his role in Iran-Contra. He was on George HW Bush’s side, not President Reagan’s.

However, if he views his current time as Attorney General as a way to atone for his past wrongdoing against President Reagan and the will of the American people, he is off to a good start. We need to start seeing the trials and imprisonments of top FBI, CIA, NSA, and other people who tried illegally to steal the 2016 election from the people who voted for President Trump. There cannot be two standards of justice – one for the Deep State and those who pay them off, and one for the rest of us.


The real heroes in action, D-Day, Normandy, 6/6/1944



From WhiteHouse.gov, the official website for Trump press conference transcripts, this, as President Trump announced the release of a political prisoner from Turkish custody (and it went unreported):

“Q Do you still think Robert Mueller behaved honorably?

THE PRESIDENT: I think he’s totally conflicted. Because, as you know, he wanted to be the FBI Director, and I said no. As you know, I had a business dispute with him. After he left the FBI, we had a business dispute. Not a nice one. He wasn’t happy with what I did, and I don’t blame him. But I had to do it because that was the right thing to do. But I had a business dispute.

And he loves Comey. You look at the relationship with those two. So whether it’s love or deep like, but he was conflicted.

Look, Robert Mueller should’ve never been chosen because he wanted the FBI job and he didn’t get it. And the next day, he was picked as Special Counsel. So you tell somebody, “I’m sorry, you can’t have the job.” And then, after you say that, he’s going to make a ruling on you? It doesn’t work that way. Plus, we had a business dispute. Plus, his relationship with Comey was extraordinary.

Now, one other thing I’ll say: Why didn’t he investigate Strzok, and Page, and McCabe, and Comey and all the lies, and Brennan and the lies, and Clapper and the lies to Congress, and all of the things that happened to start this investigation? Why didn’t Comey come clean? Why didn’t Comey come clean and say the things that he knows are fact? Why didn’t Mueller investigate Comey, his best friend or his very good friend? And there are so many other things.

Here’s a question. This is a study of Russia. Why didn’t they invest the insurance policy? In other words, should Hillary Clinton lose, we’ve got an insurance policy. Guess what? What we’re in right now is the insurance policy.

Q Do you think he behaved dishonorably?

THE PRESIDENT: I think he is a total conflicted person. I think Mueller is a true Never Trumper. He’s somebody that dislikes Donald Trump. He’s somebody that didn’t get a job that he requested that he wanted very badly, and then he was appointed. And despite that — and despite $40 million, 18 Trump haters, including people that worked for Hillary Clinton and some of the worst human beings on Earth — they got nothing. It’s pretty amazing.

Q Do you believe that Russia helped you get elected?

THE PRESIDENT: No, Russia did not help me get elected.

President Trump greets Hero Veterans, D-Day Commemoration, 2019


Q That’s what it said (inaudible).

THE PRESIDENT: You know who got me elected? You know who got me elected? I got me elected. Russia didn’t help me at all. Russia, if anything, I think, helped the other side. What you ought to ask is this: Do you think the media helped Hillary Clinton get elected? She didn’t make it, but you take a look at collusion between Hillary Clinton and the media. You take a look at collusion between Hillary Clinton and Russia. She had more to do, in the campaign, with Russia than I did. I had nothing to do.

And, by the way, that’s one other thing. If you look, this was all about Russia, Russia, Russia. They don’t talk about Russia anymore because it turned out to be a hoax. It was all a hoax. And then they say, “Gee, he fought back. Isn’t that terrible? He fought back.” Of course, I fight back. Because it was a false accusation — a totally false accusation. And it’s a disgrace. And it’s a very — it’s a very sad period for this country.

And I think, in the end, I will consider what’s happening now to be one of my greatest achievements: exposing this corruption.”



President Trump is a daily civics exercise.

He has outed corruption and abuse of process by his enemies, our enemies. He has tried to keep his promises while beset by America-hating leftists, and by neverTrumper establishment GOPers, by leftist media and techie moguls, and by “conservative” GOPers like the Chamber of Commerce and those who refused to replace Obamacare, fund The Wall, or enact civil service reforms to get rid of incompetent, crooked and insubordinate govenment employees.

I’m not a conservative. I’m a patriot. My litmus test is: Is it in the best interests of the American people?  Or is it in the interests of those who wish Americans harm?

That’s President Trump’s litmus test too.

Whether calling Mexico a narco state, or calling the leftist mainstream media enemies of the American people, or calling China’s leaders trade agreement cheaters, or calling most of the members of NATO freeloaders, or calling the mayor of London a twin of the corrupt and lazy mayor of New York – only shorter, President Trump has a harsh simple way of cutting to the truth. He wears a suit and tie and rides in a limo, but his language is in total sync with the blue collar and lower level white collar workers and the first responders of this nation who roll in trucks, Jeeps, and motorcycles. His bluntness is refreshing, and unmistakable.

So is his sarcasm.

“And he loves Comey. You look at the relationship with those two. So whether it’s love or deep like, but he was conflicted.”

Trump went to the fagele card on Nazi Mueller and Praetorian Guard Comey. Well played.

Ironically, President Trump in the past few days said other countries shouldn’t discriminate against male or female homosexuals. He promised to defend America’s fageles and dykes from Moslem terrorism and other murderers, because despite their perversions (which are protected by law), they are Americans who deserve the protection of law enforcement from murderers. Like other Americans.

In other words, Trump mocked fageles and dykes but said he would protect them as American citizens as long as they didn’t break any laws, like fageles molesting boys or dykes molesting girls.

Is he baiting Democrats to disown LGBT alternate lifestyle people just to contradict him?

Enquiring minds want to know.